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Awareness, expert status and brand image in B2B are no coincidence. They must be planned and strategically implemented over the long term so that the right people learn about the right product – your product! A core element of strategic B2B communication is classic trade press work. And it's exactly what we have in our veins – for more than 20 years. Logistics, mechanical engineering, manufacturing industry, capital goods and steel – your topics fuel us every day. Our offers in the field of public relations are:

Do you lead the world market in your niche, but have much more to offer? Your industry is undergoing profound changes and you have to keep up with them? Are your markets becoming more and more international? Whether brand awareness or image building, lead generation or customer retention – your goals are our mission.


Strategic Consulting

Your product is groundbreaking – but only few people know about it? Let’s change that! That's why everything revolves around the right strategy in the first place. We start working with you in form of a precise analysis: Where do you stand? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where are the opportunities waiting, where are the risks? Who do you want to tell about your product and where does this target group actually get its information from? Together we develop your buyer personas, your typical customers.

We define and prioritize all of this in your communication concept and create your individual action and editorial plan. In this way, we develop content that fits exactly to your target industries and channels. Our well-rehearsed team of personal customer consultant, expert editor and experienced project manager and controller is always at your service.


Press Work

  • Editing

Your product cannot be explained in two short sentences. Excellent – in that case we are the right people for you. Our specialist editors have a broad knowledge base in your industry and will familiarize themselves in depth with your specific topics. Trained in your solutions and in intensive exchange with your experts, we communicate your complex product in a clear and understandable way.

Technical information or a captivating look behind the scenes? We are familiar with all types of texts – from press releases and user reports to interviews or specialist articles – and we know which topic achieves the greatest effect when, where and how.

  • Contact to the media and journalists

Trade media are a relevant and credible source of information for decision-makers in your target industries. Industry journalists are important multipliers for your topics. We arrange editorial meetings – also at trade fairs and digitally – and put you in direct contact! 

Communicate big news at a press conference, win journalists over for an exclusive cooperation during an editorial visit or go into detail during a trade fair meeting or in a virtual background talk. We support you from the planning stage to the implementation and evaluation of your press contacts. We have the necessary experience: Every year, we hold five press conferences, 40 editorial meetings in various target industries and more than 140 meetings at trade fairs.

  • Development of topics

You make progress, so do your products. That is why our cooperation is dynamic. We continuously coordinate with you and continue to write your story piece by piece. In doing so, we ensure that your topics also fit into the time and media schedules of the trade media. Because this is how we guarantee that you and your products will remain in the trade press – and thus in the limelight – for a long time.

  • Up-to-date press distribution lists

The more, the better? Not necessarily. When it comes to your press release, we prefer to address the right people. We create a press distribution list perfectly tailored to your needs for your target industries in your target markets. For this, we use an international and daily updated journalist database. The industry media that are particularly important to you naturally have priority. That way, your press release will always end up in the right journalist's inbox at the right time – and on the desk of the reader you want to reach.

  • Monitoring and analysis

You tell everyone what your products and services can do – great. But do you also achieve the desired effect? That is exactly what we analyze for you. We present the results to you regularly and clearly. We measure both quantitatively and qualitatively. We show you which media have published your information in what way and how this affects your target group. With the help of monitoring tools, we keep an eye on national and international media and also observe what is being discussed about you on social media. Through this continuous media monitoring and the analysis of your publications, we constantly optimize your communication strategy.


International Press Work

Innovations do not stop at national borders. Competition is just as active in neighbouring countries as it is on the other side of the globe. Your target markets are global – and so your communication must be too. We coordinate your press work beyond German-speaking countries.

How exactly this is done depends on your ideas, goals and budget: Working from Germany, we prepare your press releases in cooperation with professional translators and distribute them in your target markets. Or we can find the right PR partner for your task on site: for this we rely on the international agency network thenetworkone, of which we are one of more than 1,200 agencies in over 100 countries worldwide. Or are you already well positioned internationally? Then we network with your existing service providers and coordinate your international strategy.

We are used to it – after all, we are responsible for international communication for numerous customers – including VOSS Fluid, UniCarriers, BOGE, Schwarze-Robitec, ewm and HUBTEX.


Change Communication

The markets are constantly in motion – and sometimes this means big changes for your company. Whether restructuring, financial recovery or change of strategy: we support you in communicating transformations proactively and transparently. Change communication means: In times of change, we help you ensure that communication with employees, customers and investors is appropriate. In close cooperation with management, we find the right strategy for your company. Properly communicated, a "change" becomes a "chance" for the future of your company and for your image in the market.


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