Marketing Automation – Become a Lead Generator

Why always start from scratch? Let others do it! Contemporary inbound marketing efficiently aligns sales and marketing, automates recurring processes and continuously generates leads for you. We will demonstrate how to do this and optimize your lead-nurturing processes.

Wait, stop – repeat, please!


Generating Leads

Lead nurturing means that we offer your target group exactly the right content for every phase of the purchase decision. To ensure that you don't lose track of what's going on, marketing automation controls the processes in the background. Doesn't this make everything less personal? On the contrary: This way you address your leads with exactly the content and in exactly the right tone that they are looking for and expect. Existing customers can be sustainably inspired and retained in the long term. And you also save valuable resources and time.


Aligning Marketing and Sales

When you choose marketing automation, your sales and marketing are more efficiently aligned than ever. The goals are clearly defined, the tasks are precisely distributed. The success of one team plays into the hands of the other – and vice versa. With our support, you can set up your teamwork processes correctly and create efficient workflows. Automate your operational business – and concentrate on the really important things.

We will help you decide whether a marketing automation software is right for your company and which one is the right one, and will support you throughout the entire implementation process.

  • Campaigning

Your topics become campaigns. This allows you to communicate with the greatest possible efficiency and the best possible results on all channels – and in perfect alignment. In doing so, we optimally design your campaigns for your buyer personas and their customer journeys.

  • Become a Self Publisher with Owned Media

Who is at the centre of your communication strategy? You and your product! Together we will provide a suitable platform for it. Your own channels are the linchpin of your marketing – your website, your blog, your landing pages, your content hub. Because here you determine what you tell whom, when and how. We support you in setting up and coordinating your channels and getting the interested parties exactly where you want them to be.


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