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A white paper reads differently than a case study, a LinkedIn post differs from a blog post. We know where your target group is looking for particular information. That's why we use all relevant content formats for your digital communication strategy in B2B. Our specialized consultants and editors are well acquainted with the special requirements of B2B communication – whether in logistics, mechanical engineering, the manufacturing industry, for capital and industrial goods or for steel.


Strategic Consulting

To help prospects and potential leads find your products and solutions online, you need search engine optimized content. Your company has to be present on the relevant channels to get in contact with your buyer personas. But let's start from the beginning: Before we get started, we work with you to develop your digital strategy. Where do you stand, where do you want to go? Who is looking for you and by whom do you want to be found?

During a workshop we listen to what is important to you and identify what is important for your digital communication – and what is not (yet).


SEO Analysis

SEO here, SEO there. Without SEO you can't do marketing these days. Just as omnipresent are the supposed experts. In order to make you SEO fit, we work exclusively with long-standing established partners to whom we entrust your search engine optimization with a clear conscience. In the beginning there is a thorough keyword analysis and your individual keyword set, a comprehensive evaluation of the potential and possibilities you have with your product and service on international markets.

Once the framework is in place, we deliver high-quality search engine optimized content along your customer journey. Of course, this also includes the continuous evaluation and re-optimization of your channels and content. Because the world does not stand still – and  your leads are always looking for more. Our tricks: Extensive experience in logistics, industry, engineering, steel, real estate and IT – combined with the use of pioneering SEO content tools.


Content Editing

The necessary requirements for functioning SEO content are choosing the right digital strategy and a standing keyword set. Then we will get started with you in the content creation for your digital channels. We create search engine optimized content for your blogs, landing pages and microsites and your B2B content hub.

For more traffic and a high visibility of your content, we focus on text creation using SEO content tools. Based on search engine data, artificial intelligence and algorithms, the software-supported text creation specifically takes into account the search intentions of users and the requirements of Google – in terms of readability, uniqueness and design of the texts. Anything else would rather equal a school science fair.


Social Media         

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok – it’s all about being part of it? Not at all. But don't get us wrong: Every social network has a justification, its own user groups, many advantages and some disadvantages and its very own requirements and rules. Use valuable resources wisely from the outset and approach your social media campaigning strategically.

We can assist you: Together with you, we analyze which social media channels are relevant for your target groups and customers – and thus for you – and which influencers are important multipliers in your industry. We develop a strategy, create social media guidelines and support you in building your social media team. Then it's off to campaigning: Across all your channels, we play your campaigns and topics tailored to your target groups. For even greater reach and traffic, we design high-impact social media ads.

Everything follows precisely defined goals: Attract the attention of interested parties and new followers, attract potential leads and interact with them. Giving your existing customers the opportunity to stay in constant contact and to recommend your company to others with high reach.


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Marius Schenkelberg

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