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It is not always about your products and services. Sometimes the focus is on your company itself – as an employer, as a business partner, as a reliable supplier or innovative service provider. Then professional communication is essential. As a specialist for corporate communication, we offer you


Employer Branding

Shortage of skilled workers and an increasingly fierce battle for qualified employees. On top of this, there are the increasing demands of the new generation of employees – B2B companies today find themselves in an employee market. Only the best and most credible employers manage to fill their vacancies and retain good employees in the long term. We support you in becoming a strong employer brand.

We’ll focus on:

  • Consulting and strategy
    This includes the development of an employer brand, the analysis of your current employer identity compared to the competition and the implementation of workshops and interviews. We also develop a communication concept based on your goals including positioning as well as planning measures.
  • Content editing and creation
    We create the right content for your career website, job portals and HR blogs, for publications and information material, for internal and external communication campaigns, for the employee newsletter and your job advertisements.
  • Social Media
    We analyze your current image as an employer in social media, we select the appropriate channels, we take over the editing of HR content, campaign management and the monitoring and controlling of your social media channels.
  • Analyzing the Status Quo

To position you as an attractive employer, we first determine the status quo. The situation analysis shows how potential employees and applicants perceive your company – also compared to the competition. This involves the question: How do your recruiting processes currently run and how successful are they?

  • Strategic Development

Taking into account your existing and already implemented HR measures, we develop the appropriate employer branding strategy for you. Which channels do you already use for recruiting and how much budget is involved? How are you perceived from the outside? On the basis of these questions we create a credible employer positioning and make you a strong employer brand.

  • Communication concept

Once the strategy is in place, we will develop your individual employer branding strategy for communication, taking into account your relevant channels, your USPs – differentiating yourself from your competitors. Emotional, precisely coordinated campaigns enable you to start a dialogue with your prospects and deepen the trust in your employer brand.

  • Communications Controlling

We evaluate the success of your employer branding using mutually defined key figures. This quickly reveals whether the measures taken are paying off for your employer brand – and where there is further potential for optimization.


Corporate Publishing

Website, blog, employee and customer magazine: your corporate media is a valuable asset. Nowhere else do you have such comprehensive control over your content and can go deep into the details – this is where you set topics and priorities and inspire your customers, leads and prospects. Whom you offer added value, you can convince most certainly of your products and solutions – and of your company.

We implement your corporate publishing measures in a targeted and successful manner. Our consultants and editors have the necessary understanding of technology, the know-how about the appropriate media formats and sound tools and creativity. In close cooperation with you and your experts, we implement your own media content.

Digital or analogue, SEO-optimized or classic print-oriented and tailored to your target groups – we support you in a variety of measures:

  • Customer magazines and newspapers
  • Employee newspapers
  • Product publications
  • Case studies and success stories in print and video format

In addition, we also create high quality content pieces that your leads download online as "gated content". In this way you create added value and intensify the relationship with your prospects and customers:

  • White paper and guidelines
  • Surveys and studies

Always keeping the principles and goals of search engine optimization in mind, we also design and text for you:

  • Websites
  • Microsites and landing pages
  • Corporate blogs and content hubs


Internal Communication

No matter if you have good or bad news to publish, if you want to communicate something regularly or selectively: When it comes to internal communication, it is important that you address your employees openly and transparently. Only if your entire team goes along with you, will changes and transformation processes in the company be successful. We support you in this – our range of services includes:

  • Research and creation of employee newspapers
  • Editing and realization of corporate podcasts
  • Planning and creation of content for the intranet
  • Internal corporate communications measures individually tailored to your needs


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