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Let's be honest: Nobody will look your product up on Google just like that. People are searching for answers to questions, solutions to problems. Your prospects are looking for information with added value. Your potential leads need useful decision-making aids. Your customers want even more benefits from your products. You need to attract your B2B target group like a magnet, interact with them, inspire them – thus making you a high-reach problem solver for your leads! This is exactly where we come in and we offer you:

Together with you, we develop your content marketing strategy and create high-quality, user-oriented B2B content along the buyer's journey of your buyer personas. Our consultants and editors are highly B2B experienced and specialized in content marketing in the logistics, engineering, manufacturing, capital and industrial goods and steel industries. We work with pioneering tools – whether for search engine-optimized editing or for marketing automation.


Strategic Consulting

We put your strengths in the spotlight and emphasize your USP compared to the competition – on all channels that are relevant to your target groups. For this purpose, we compile a comprehensive content marketing concept with you and define concrete measures for topic planning, content creation and lead generation. What are your goals? Who are your typical customers and what steps do they go through in the buying decision? These are your buyer personas and their customer journey. During the content audit we ask ourselves: Do you have the right content for all your target groups in all phases of the purchase decision?

The strategy also includes the question: Which content fits which channel? Our B2B expert teams not only create and edit texts, but also coordinate the creation of your videos and infographics and the design of high-quality content pieces such as whitepapers.

We distribute the content on your blog, landing pages, microsites, social media channels and content hub. With our help, you’ll become a self publisher.


Content Creation

We love logistics, and we love mechanical engineering, industry and materials. Our consultants and editors have years of experience in B2B communication. We understand your products and solutions that require explanation and can describe them in an understandable way. After all, we listen carefully during research interviews with your experts, implement the researched information professionally and prepare it in an easily understandable and exciting way. We keep your correction effort low.

A product is only as good as the story it tells. That is why we set you apart from your competitors with good storytelling. Because your solution must not only arouse interest, but also make a lasting impression on potential leads and inspire customers in the long term. We always keep your buyer personas in mind: Because what may be irrelevant for one buyer may be the decisive point for another.

You know what content you want to convey – and we know the optimal format for the topics. Depending on the application, buyer persona or channel, this can be an infographic, a presentation or a video. Where we reach our own limits, we provide you with proven service providers and specialized partners.


SEO Content

What is your first step when you buy a new music system or a washing machine? You search on Google. You look at some manufacturers and models – and compare them. The higher up a product is in the search results, the easier it is to find and the better it seems to match your search query. Search engine optimized content and organic visibility are also the key to success for your company's products and solutions.

We support your SEO with the appropriate content – and accompany you on the way to page 1 and rank 1 of the search results. Today, SEO content is far from mere keyword dropping. Search engine relevant texts are content relevant and offer users added value.

Supported by modern SEO content tools, we create your texts from the outset in such a way that they are based on the search intention of your prospective customers. Artificial intelligence and the right algorithms on the one hand and our experienced editors on the other hand ensure that both your prospective customers and Google understand and enjoy reading your texts. We take your search engine optimization into account throughout the entire process – from the identification of relevant content, text creation and optimization to continuous evaluation.


Content Audit

"We've done something like that before!" – Sounds familiar? You have good topics and accordingly a lot of valuable content slumbers on your servers. The goal of a content audit is to activate this unused potential. In a workshop-based process we identify and collect your existing content. We analyze, classify and re-evaluate it. For example, we identify related topic clusters and discover previously unoccupied areas. We optimize existing content for further use – closely aligned with your content marketing strategy. The content audit is an effective method of exploiting existing potential cost-effectively and uncovering new potential.


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