Unitechnik is a specialist in automatic processes for logistics and industry. As a general contractor and system integrator, the company is responsible for new construction and modernization projects in Europe, China, and the Middle East.


To set themselves apart from the numerous competitors for general contracting business especially on the German market and to position themselves as system-independent solutions provider, Unitechnik's brand development was to be pushed strategically.


The start of Unitechnik's cooperation with additiv pr was an intensive strategy workshop to define strengths and targets. The planning of topics and actions served as a means of orientation in the implementation of content for press releases, user reports, white papers and interviews - always with a focus on the general contractor's expertise. This allows national and international trade journalists to be supplied with appropriate content.


The company's presence in the  trade press is continuously increasing: during the second year of cooperation, around 100 publications appeared in the most important media. Trade journalists are familiar with the range of services Unitechnik provides and regularly contact us for information. International project successes were also publicized in the respective target countries and thereby help promote sales.