VOSS Fluid

VOSS Fluid makes the difference. In terms of leak-free pipe fittings. The company offers its demanding customers around the globe more than 16,000 different articles.


Pipe connection components are usually standard parts and therefore almost interchangeable. What makes the difference are the followings aspects: perfect customer service, outstanding logistics, continuous product innovations and pronounced application advantages. In order to communicate these USP's worldwide and to introduce new products to the market faster, VOSS Fluid started with its trade press work.


Once a month, 700 international trade journalists receive the latest product and company information in five languages. Up to twelve different language versions of the press material are available for product launches, campaigns or international trade fairs. In addition, selected editors are continuously provided with exclusive trade articles, user reports and interviews.


After two years of intensive trade press work, the company is internationally known as an expert in fastening technology. In the second year of cooperation, VOSS Fluid has produced over 150 publications. 50% in print, 50% online. More than half in international trade media.