Unitechnik is a specialist for automated processes in logistics and industry. As general contractor (GU) and system integrator, the company is responsible for new construction projects and modernizations in Europe, China and the Middle East.


In order to differentiate Unitechnik from the numerous competitors in the joint venture business, particularly in the German market, and to position it as a system-independent solution provider, the brand development of Unitechnik was to be strategically advanced.


The cooperation with additiv pr started with an intensive strategy workshop in which strengths and goals were defined. The planning of topics and measures provides orientation for the realization of press releases, user reports, professional articles and interviews – always with a focus on the expertise of the general contractor. National and international trade journalists are thus supplied with suitable topics in a targeted manner.




The presence in the trade press is growing continuously: in the second year of cooperation, around 100 publications were achieved in the most important media. Specialist journalists are familiar with Unitechnik's range of services and regularly ask for information themselves. International project successes are also made known in the respective target countries and support sales.