The SIEVERS-GROUP is an IT architecture house from Osnabrück. The company's product range includes tailor-made IT solutions and professional services: from business solutions to ICT & virtualization as well as communication solutions and managed services to comprehensive consulting services.


The broad range of solutions is to be presented to the medium-sized target groups of the company and the SIEVERS-GROUP is to be positioned as a complete solution provider in the trade and local press.


The basis of all measures is a comprehensive communication strategy that is tailored to the various sales areas. We sharpen the profile of the SIEVERS-GROUP with a combination of classic trade press work and the communication of local corporate and HR topics. In addition, editorial visits and targeted press work at trade fairs strengthen the relationship with the most important media representatives.


The SIEVERS-GROUP is known as a provider of solutions for integrated IT architectures and as an attractive employer due to the ongoing reporting in the trade press and in regional media. A-media ask the company for interviews and statements. In these media, the SIEVERS employees are established as experts for defined areas.