B2B-Communication for logistics and industry.

We love B2B. And we understand companies in logistics, industrial and capital goods, steel and IT. At first glance, that seems very dry and specialized But it's actually very exciting and very helpful in our work with our clients. At least if your specialty is press work and content marketing like ours is.


Our know-how is convincing

Our PR consultants possess true content competence: they are documented experts for production and logistics processes; they understand materials and new technologies; they are versed in sophisticated production processes. This reduces the ongoing coordination of information to a minimum, resulting in clear and convincing content.


We consult and write

In our concept, editing and advice are not handled by two different people. Why should it be? Your personal contact is not a writer, but instead an experienced PR consultant and has what it takes to provide what you need. All team partners are familiar with your project and are constantly included in all important editorial and consulting processes. This is how we guarantee the consistently high quality of our communications services.


We are familiar with your trade media

Right. That's what all the PR agencies say. So what makes us different?  By concentrating on the topics of logistics, industrial and capital goods, steel and IT, we are in constant contact with all of the important trade journalists and know their requirements down to the last detail. Every year you can expect us to support more than 25 trade fairs, around ten press conferences as well as X press conversations and thousands of phone calls. For more information about our personal journalist contacts, check out our youtube channel.


We work strategically

And it used to be as easy as this: 5 press releases, 2 user reports and almost 2 kg worth of specialized articles - and the trade press work was done. That was back in 2005. Successful trade press communication today is based on a strategic foundation. To communicate your content expressly to a target group or through specific channel, we start with a comprehensive actual-state analysis of your previous communications. We then develop a specific communications concept that will take you to your target and meet your requirements which includes specific scheduling of activities and topics. This is the only way that you can clearly pull ahead of the competition.


We are daring

Success awaits those who are willing to veer off the beaten track and venture into uncharted territory. We know what is realistic when it comes to trade press communication and how you can still head in a new direction with the right content. Talk to us. Together we can develop a convincing communications solution that will move your company forward.


And another thing: You can trust us.

Just call us and see for yourself. We can establish a contact for you to one of our reference clients in your industry. And ask them: How well do we really know the sector? How good are our consultants? What level of success has the client achieved through our work? And then we gladly take on your project.

Just write us or call us.

additiv pr

is one of the most experienced German PR agencies in the area of industrial communications. We advise on, write and develop communications concepts for products and sophisticated solutions that require explanation. We have been owner-operated since 1998 and work from our agency's headquarters in Montabaur.

Most of our clientele are small and medium-sized businesses. And their requirements are comparable. But international groups also contract us for trade press communications. Online and offline. In the German-speaking countries of Europe and on international markets.

Figures & Facts

One Year in Figures

Our content experts:

100% genuine, articulate and passionate about good texts. Our team is composed of many different people, personalities, a good deal of creativity and humor. See for yourself.

PR consultant with love for the country and mad about the city

Hanna Hagedorn


German Language and Literature and Communications in Essen and Dublin, MBA in Essen


STAMM Verlag, Carr Communications, Radio Essen, RuhrTriennale, Stiftung Jedem Kind ein Instrument (An instrument for every child Foundation), Entsorgungsbetriebe Essen (Waste Disposal Services Essen)

additiv pr seit:


»Think outside the box –- this is a motto every PR expert should have indelibly engraved in their minds. Because convincing concepts and texts are produced when you think outside the box, look at things from a different angle, and break the mould.«

Personal Assistant / Manager Back Office with a passion for southern Africa

Anja-Isabel Schwandt-Hawliczek


Degree in translation (Technical University) in English and French in Cologne with study semesters abroad in the south of France (La Rochelle, Royan), Brussels and Capetown


Companies in the cosmetics and chemical industry, European parliament

additiv pr seit:


»My daily challenge is to ease the boss's workload: Our managing director has to be able to concentrate on what's important. I am there in the background, making sure that the agency continues to run smoothly so that the team can focus completely on clients and their consulting work.«

Founder and Managing Director with passion for industrial design and cars

Jochem Blasius


German Language and Literature, Politics, Media Communications in Coblenz and Trier


Radio Ropa Info, RTL-Radio, various advertising and PR agencies

additiv pr seit:


»Good B2B content is more than a collection of data and facts. It is persuasive, thrilling and establishes definite characteristics that sets the company apart from the competition. That is our goal.«

practically married to the agency - and responsible for our name

Ellen Blasius


various courses of study ..., degree in Psychology from the University of Trier


Pfizer Deutschland GmbH

additiv pr seit:


»You need a highly competent and motivated team to do professional press work for B2B. We've got one.«

PR consultant with a passion for travel

Rebecca Schmortte


Journalism and Geography in Mainz and Valencia, remote study course in Public Relations in Heidelberg and at the Danube University in Krems, Austria


Edgar Itt Group, Communication for Leadership in Frankfurt, CfL Consulting in Mainz

additiv pr seit:


»Develop content that is informative, useful and also entertaining. And gear this to a wide range of target groups. With strategy and vision - an absolute must even in the industrial sector today.«

PR consultant with a love of languages

Stefanie Schoebel


French, Italian and Economics in Giessen and Montpellier, remote study course Public Relations in Heidelberg


Renault Deutschland AG, Bad Kreuznach gazette

additiv pr seit:


»Content and messages are best remembered when packaged as riveting stories and in examples from actual practice. This is especially true in logistics and industry. We come into play when it comes to synthesizing complex subjects.«

PR consultant with a distinctly sporting spirit

Nils Heinen


Media studies and Europe in global change in Siegen


Rhein-Zeitung newspaper, Press office SSI Schäfer

additiv pr seit:


»Successful communication attracts attention. With highly specialized expert knowledge and the necessary creativity, we help obtain greater visibility for sophisticated products requiring an explanation. This is how we boost our customers' success in the long term.«

Our network

Wir sind Mitglied im internationalen Agenturnetzwerk thenetworkone

International connections

Communications for specific target groups on selected international markets - this is an important factor to success for many of our clients. And the greatest challenge in the years to come. additiv pr is a member of "thenetworkone". A network of owner-operated agencies that spans the globe with more than 750 members in over 100 countries. This gives our clients fast and flexible access to existing and new markets.

For more information, go to:
www.thenetworkone.com »

Unsere Partner sind echte Kommunikationsprofis. Wir übernehmen für Sie gerne zentral die Abstimmung für Ihr Projekt.

Our partners

Our partners
Honestly. As a PR agency, we can't do everything ourselves. We don't even want to try. That's why we have been cooperating with selected specialists for years. With advertising, design and Internet agencies, editors, translation agencies, industry photographers, event experts, and trade fair construction firms. As part of this network, we provide you with corporate communications.
And - naturally, depending on its scope, we are happy to take over the coordination for your project.

Any questions? Call us: +49 2602 95099-0